26 weeks

It’s been a while. I keep meaning to take another belly photo, but it’s hard to take a decent shot of myself, and I never remember when Tay is actually around…

I’m growing, of course. I’m finally at the point where people can walk up to me with confidence and say, “Oh, you’re pregnant!” without worrying that they got it wrong and I just happen to have a big gut. I’m measuring about 2 cm behind “normal” but the doctor seems pleased with everything else, so that’s good.

Baby A is extremely active, and while I have no other pregnancies to compare it to, I have a feeling this little one may be a little more active than normal as the doctor comments every month when she tries to get a heartbeat and the ultrasound technician said the same thing… “You’ve got a wiggly one, there!”

I’m starting to feel the need to nest in a big big way. I found the dresser and the changing table combo I want for the baby, and of course I want it all NOW so I can get it set up and feel more prepared… Especially since once November hits, things are about to get very busy.

I’m feeling good physically, just tired. Emotionally, things have been up and down. I’m going through some rough spots with a couple of friendships, and it’s effecting me perhaps a little more deeply than it would normally. Hormones? Lack of sleep? Stress? Who knows.

Business has been really slow. Even though we really haven’t been hit by the stock market crash around here, the media is scaring the pants off of everyone, so everything has come to a dead standstill in the wine sales world. I’ve approached all my chef connections to offer my services for banquets and events to make a little extra cash for the holidays and for the lean times when the baby is born, but they all look at my belly and say, “well, I could use you in December, but…” And I don’t need them to finish the sentence. I’ll be 8 months pregnant in December, and it’s tough to reach around and over guests with your belly in their face. So I have to find something else I can do…

With my yoga practice, I have all but ditched ashtanga. I miss it in a lot of ways, but I think what I miss most is the energy in a shala, and the strength and grace of my practice pre-pregnancy, and there’s no sense in grieving over those. They will return in their own time. I’m still finding my way to my mat several times a week, I usually stick to my sun sals and standing, and then branch off after that in to whatever is feeling right for me that day. My current favorites: malasana, baddha konasana, upavishta konasana, bharadvajasana, ustrasana, parighasana… poses where the belly gets some room and the hips and pelvis can open up a bit. I’ve been taking a few Yin classes, and while I don’t think Yin is something I will regularly choose over ashtanga, it is giving me more of a pathway to the internal. And I think I will be able to find this pathway more clearly in my ashtanga practice as well, now that I know how to access it.

I’m just finishing my second quilt. It’s pieced and batted, and now I’m working on the quilting itself. This quilting pattern is much more involved than my last one, so it’s going to take me quite a while. In the meantime, I’m getting started on another one, because I’d like to finish at least one more before the holidays and the baby come.

I’m asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. I found the machine I want. It’s not my “dream” sewing machine, but it’s pretty close. In the right price range, offers most of the features I want, and will last forever. It’s an Elna 2800, although the 2600 would be okay, too. The 2800 has an automatic needle threader, which is nice… but my eyesight is still pretty sharp, so it’s really not that necessary. I tested the 2800 at the quilt shop last week, and… let me just tell you… she purred for me. Then I went home to my Kenmore, and he clanked along. The difference was almost comical. My own Mr. BoJangles. Last week I tried to convince Taylor that I should get my Christmas sewing machine early. I thought my reasoning was pretty good… If I wait until Christmas morning, I only have about a month to make baby things before Baby A arrives. But if I get it now, I’ve got more than twice the time. “But your old sewing machine works fine, right?” he said. Oh. Yeah. Didn’t think of that argument. There was a flaw in my logic. Rats.



Does anyone know where I can find some chocolate covered potato chips?


I died my hair yesterday, just a semi-permanent dark brown with a little red to it. One of my accounts yesterday said I look like That Girl.

What do you think? 🙂

It’s nice to have a little cosmetic change. I look a little more sleek and sassy when I basically feel like a big overheated whale. And I’m not even in my third trimester yet…

Okay, truth be told I’m not that huge yet. But I feel huge!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions lately, especially in the last few days. I don’t feel like my activity levels are too high, but maybe I do need to reduce the stress levels a bit throughout my day. I was laid off of one of my jobs last week, so I’ve been working extra hard on the other job, trying to ramp up the income a little to alleviate some of the financial pressure. Fortunately, the job I was let go of is the lesser paying of the two, so with a little more hard work, I might be able to make up the difference. Unfortunately, this was the one steady salary job, where the other job is completely commission based. And with the economic crisis going on? Commissions are way down.

So after the baby is born, I might be going back to teaching at a studio a few times a week. Or maybe I’ll up my client base for my private instruction. I had another couple approach me… I like teaching couples. Or maybe I’ll start selling quilts on etsy. Hahaha… with all the spare time I’ll have as a new mom, right?… We’ll see…


Sometimes I just want to slap the weatherman. The rational me knows it’s not his fault, but the irrational pregnant monster wants someone’s head to roll. It’s going to be well into the high 90’s again for… um… I don’t know… the 100th day in a row here, and I’m beyond annoyed. Every day, less and less of my clothes fit. A few weeks ago, I went on a little spending spree with my mom and bought some non-maternity-yet-maternity-friendly clothes, but there’s one big problem. They’re all winter clothes. Sweaters, sweater coats, long-sleeve tops, long-sleeved dresses, boots…

And now none of my summer clothes fit anymore…

Looks like it might cool down into the mid 80’s over the next week. Still too hot for all my clothes though…

I just want to stay home and sit in a cold bath.


I just started another quilting class last night (Stack ‘n Whack, this time!). The quilt shop is right next door to my favorite Thai restaurant in downtown Paso, so Mondays for the next month will be Thai Take-out Mondays. We did the same thing last time I had quilting classes, and I always felt a little depressed afterward with the waste of it all. Each time I picked up Thai take-out, I would also pick up one large paper bag, at least one plastic bag, two styrofoam containers, one wax-coated paper container, two to three plastic forks, and a stack of paper napkins. Multiply that by four, and that’s what we alone used for the entire month. So wasteful!

On my way out the door yesterday, I grabbed my sewing machine and all of my notions. And then I packed an oil cloth bag with my own containers and a few old plastic bags, just in case. After class, I placed my order and handed the waitress my bag of containers. I also told her that I didn’t need any utensils or napkins, thank you very much. She looked at me like I was crazy, but when the food was ready, it was all neatly packed in my containers, no waste.

Taylor laughed at me, of course. I’m used to that. But after dinner, he said, “You know, the best part of this whole container thing is that we just put the lids back on and put everything in the fridge, no clean-up necessary!”

I plan on doing this every time I order take-out from now on. And maybe even when we go out to those restaurants that give you way too much food… maybe I’ll just bring my own left-over container in my purse. And maybe if more people give this a try, my waitress won’t look at me like I’m crazy anymore. Oh, and we’ll reduce our footprint.

Snuggly Wrap Blanket

I may have mentioned this project before, but I couldn’t get too specific about it because it was a baby shower gift for my lovely preggers/yoga friend, A. The baby shower has come and gone, so I can post pics now! The project was from Amy Butler’s “Little Stitches.” I used a light blue minky dot fabric instead of the fleece listed in the project materials guide. I’m starting to get the hang of my temperamental sewing machine, although I’m still asking Santa for a replacement come December.

As I currently have no baby to wrap the blanket around, I used my old teddy bear as a model. I thought of using Kula, but she’s a little bit too big and she would have shed all over it. The blanket is hooded, with a wrap tie so you can tie your little one in snug as a bug.

So cute! I can’t wait to make a few of these for my little one! Next up: quilted velcro booties!


I am afraid of Republicans. Or more specifically, I am afraid of Republicans with power.

I am disillusioned with our government. Not only our existing elected and appointed officials, but the whole of it… the “democratic,” capitalistic system itself.

I am dreading November. I don’t want to feel like I did 4 years ago, getting my hopes up, thinking there’s no way in hell we would have to deal with 4 more years, and then watching the results while banging my head against the wall.

I don’t think that voting will ever be the same after two consecutive elections with questionable outcomes.

I disagree that a president or vice president of our nation should be “relatable.” These are the leaders of our nations. I would prefer a highly educated, well-spoken leader, despite how many houses he/she has or how “elitist” he is considered. I feel we’ve had a “good ol’ boy” in office for far too long.

I feel that church and state is not as separate as it once was, and that is a very scary thing.

I am insulted that, as a woman, I am expected by the the McCain camp to automatically change my vote for another woman, even though her platform could not be more fundamentally opposite than Hillary’s.

I am shocked and angry when I hear a woman say, “She’s just like me, and she’ll fight for my issues.”