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19 weeks now, and every small task seems daunting. I’m tired.

The survival instincts are primal, and it’s impossible not to listen to the body’s needs. When I’m hungry, the stomach gnaws away, the body tenses, the mind focuses on nothing else. When I’m thirsty, it feels like the skin is shriveling away from the flesh. When I’m tired, the bones ache, the eyes burn, my patience with small-talk and niceties disappears.

Eat… Now.
Drink… Lots.
Sleep… Immediately.
Pee… All the time.

We have our ultrasound on Thursday, and yes we will be peeking at the baby’s sex. People feel very strongly about whether or not you should be “surprised” at birth, and it’s a little annoying to have to justify my decision. I know this is only the beginning of the “You shoulds” and all the other unsolicited advice that goes along with pregnancy and child-rearing. For those people who say, “It’s the one true surprise in life,” I have this to say: Life is a surprise. Every moment is a surprise. Tay and I will be just as surprised this Thursday as we would on January 27th (or somewhere thereabouts). And I’ll be better prepared to pick out my fabrics for my next sewing project. But for those of you who do want to be surprised, I won’t post the results here. You’ll have to email me, or leave me a comment with your email address, if you want to know along with us.

I got this book from the fabulous Amy Butler, Little Stitches for Little Ones, and the projects are adorable. First up, I think, is the Snuggie Wrap Blanket, which is basically a hooded, fleece-lined quilt that wraps around the baby and has a little wrap tie. So cute.

I’m almost finished with the quilt. I must be the slowest hand-stitcher in the world, and you just can’t rush a good slip-stitch apparently, so I’m just plodding along. Tay used to make fun of me for taking a quilting class. “You’re not an old lady yet, you know,” he used to say. Now he says, “Will you make me one?”

I’ve started packing workout clothes in the car when I leave the house in the morning. Paso has been so hot, so when I escape to the coast or to San Luis Obispo for work, I extend my stay as long as possible by walking along the beach or going for a hike. Just until it’s cool enough to come home.

There is space for yoga as well. It’s been a while since I’ve committed to my full practice, but I do make sure I get some form of practice in every day, even if it’s just 3 A’s, 3 B’s, and standing followed by seated meditation. I’m still attending my once-weekly prenatal class, which I really am enjoying.

Oh, and of course I am still growing. I’m just at that point where people can tell that I’m pregnant by looking at me. Here comes all the belly rubs from strangers.


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The following is a list of completely random tidbits.

-I should be reading about salt, but this darn computer is sucking me in again.

-I totally chickened out of the haircut. The night before the appointment, I thumbed through a whole bunch of those cheesy hair magazines… and I just wasn’t excited about it. Really what it boils down to is that my hair is currently longer than it’s been in 12 years and I’m afraid that if I cut it, I’ll never grow it out again. For some odd reason, this feels like my final opportunity to have long hair. My last long-hair hurrah. Strange attachment.

-I did ask my stylist to cut off the dead stuff, which meant about an inch or so. She put in some layers also, so that I hate the cut unless I straighten it. I’ve never been one to “do” my hair every day, but I guess I’ll have to start… for now, anyways. Otherwise, my hair dries naturally in just this special way that screams out “POLITICIAN” or “BAKE SALE COORDINATOR.” Unsettling, quite. Here’s the new haircut:

new haircut

-Eh, I’m sure that after 2 solid weeks of 100+ degree temperatures here in Paso summertime I’ll pull that hair back in a ponytail and just chop that tail right off. I’ve done it before…

-All this talk about hair. It’s really just an excuse to not talk about yoga. I didn’t practice at all this week. And I didn’t teach, either. Two of my students are out of town, one is sick, and one was a no-show.

-I’ve been sort of down lately. Tay has been gone for the past couple weeks and I haven’t been sleeping enough. The good news is that I’ve found a ton of new friends here in the new town… it’s easy to find someone to come over for dinner or meet for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee any day of the week. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s easier up here than it was back in the old town. Not quite sure why, though.

-I’ve started twittering at least once a day. I figure, if I can’t blog, at least I can twitter. It’s my new obsession. But for some reason, I can’t get my twitters to post to my wordpress blog, so if you want to read my “tweets”, you have to follow me on twitter.com. I follow Cody and Kai as well… any other twitter-yogis/friends out there?

-The chin-up project is coming along swimmingly. On a good day, I can do one pull-up. It’s taken me two months, and I can do ONE f-ing pull-up. Oh well. By next year, maybe I’ll be able to do two. IN A ROW.

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 Today’s 10 day forecast for Paso Robles, CA:


Ironically, it’s supposed to clear up and be sunny and nice on the 31st, and by that time I’ll be in Portland. So it looks like I’m looking at two weeks of rain.

I  think I’ll buy some galoshes.

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It’s finally looking like Autumn from up on our perch upon the hill. The one thing I’m most excited about here in my new town is seasons. I’ll actually experience seasons. In San Luis Obispo, the change in season is hardly noticeable… the weather patterns probably shift about 15 degrees one way or the other, and the most significant change in seasons that we see are the hills turning from yellow to green… and then back to yellow.

Just 30 miles north, in Paso Robles, the temperature spikes above 100 degrees for most of the summer, and then drops into the lower 50s and 60s throughout the winter. In the winter mornings, we have freezes here. Sometimes (although rare) even a light dusting of snow. In SLO, any sign of frost or icy roads would be reported on the evening news.

Here, the leaves are changing colors. I’ve become enamored with the Chinese Pistache, a commonly planted tree here that can withstand the harsh temperature changes, is drought tolerant, and the deer apparently don’t eat it. Its leaves turn the brightest shade of orange I’ve seen up here. Come spring, I think I’ll plant a few on the property.

It’s been hot here the past week, our Indian Summer. 92 on Thursday. It’s tough to look pert and pulled together in my heels and dressy clothes as I lug 30 pounds of wine around town. I feel wilted. Every time I complain, I am reminded of the vines. This year’s harvest has been long and slow as everyone waits for the grapes to reach the perfect sugar levels. Yesterday the citizens of San Luis Obispo County shared the roads with flatbed trucks stacked high with bins holding the harvest. Finally. The high temperatures of this past week pushed them right to their edge, and just in time as the vines are beginning to shut down for the winter. The leaves turn yellow and orange and red, a patchwork quilt across the vineyards as blocks are planted to viognier or grenache or syrah. Each variety lends its dying leaves’ colors. And as the leaves fall to the ground, the vines go dormant until Spring.

Yesterday morning was shrouded in fog. We rode our bikes downtown for breakfast. Down the hill with our cruisers and their suspect brakes… at some point you let go of that fear and just hold on. I was hit hard with nostalgia and those early mornings riding my bike to elementary school… down the big hills as the cold air stung my nose and eyes, nipping at my ears.

I love Autumn.

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Yesterday, after practicing at lightning speed (sans Julie, I might add 🙂 ) I spent the remainder of my morning trying to teach myself about German wines. Because as soon as I start thinking I know something about wine? I realize that I don’t. There’s a country whose wine jargon is a lot more confusing than ours. Because it’s all in German. It’s not ‘Pinot Noir’. Nein! It’s Spatburgunden. But it is Pinot Noir. Only it’s Pinot Noir in German. Or something.

And then there are other German words like Kabinett and Spatlese and Auslese and Eiswein and Beerenauslese and trocken… It was all just too much to handle at that moment. My head was swimming. So I went and met Julie and her friends for some winetasting.

People. (And by people, I mean Friends) This is what will happen if you come visit me! First, you will come in with your yoga mat, all ready to practice as we previously agreed upon. And I’ll shake my head and offer you a wine glass instead. Maybe a plate of cheese. Some nuts. Whatever. And as the evening continues, I will open countless bottles of wine (okay, maybe three) for you that are from my little “cellar”. And then, we will realize that it’s dinner time so we’ll order Thai Food. But I’ll let you pay (thanks J!). But next time I’ll plan better and I’ll cook you dinner instead.

So then the next day we can practice together in my yoga room. (Only maybe it’ll just be me because maybe you had to stay up really late the night before… that’s okay, too) And after that, we’ll go wine tasting in the back woods and vineyards of westside Paso Robles. Gooooood wines. I’ll help you navigate your visit so that you can avoid the numerous land mines (aka “Crappy Wineries”) that seem to pop up every week and get more and more bizarre (like a winery and tasting room that are built in the shape of castles).  And then I’ll make sure that I buy the wine for you so that you can receive my lovely industry discount. (Come to think of it, I don’t think I bought Julie any wine. BUT we did pick out two bottles for Timiji. One was called the Ditch Digger. Which reminds me of my daily ashtanga practice. But ANYWAYS.)

If you don’t want to go wine tasting, we can go Olive Oil tasting instead… or we could go visit a lavender farm or Windrose Farm. Or we can just eat all day at my favorite restaurants and do some shopping in between.

The point is, friends, if you come visit Paso Robles, I’ll try to make sure you have a nice time.

Thank you, Julie for letting me spend so much time with you and your friends! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it’s always wonderful to see you.

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Don’t you worry, Laksmi, you saved me from a never-ending overcast day. I ended up painting the yoga room (drum roll please…) Recycled Glass Green. Yes green. Not yellow, and not orange, and not gray. This is what happens when you grow up idolizing Rainbow Brite as a child. You end up playing no favorites when it comes to color. Cartoons, coloring books, dolls, you name it I had it. It all seems so bright and cheery, and then the time comes when someone asks you, “What’s your favorite color?” or,  “What color would you like to paint this room, Jenna? We need to know NOW so we can paint it!” Um… green. No. Yellow! Saffron yellow! No, School bus yellow! No. Orange. Definitely orange. A nice Tuscan pumpkin spice color would be nice. Hmmm… how about PINK??? Or mauve-ey pink. Oh gosh… can’t decide… maybe um… gray? Oh gosh. Whatever. Let’s just go with green. Look. This paint chip has the word recycled AND green on it. Makes me feel very hippy and ecological.

Green it is.

It’s very bright and cheery. My dad painted it for me, which was just lovely because I sincerely dislike painting.

Actually, I was leaning very heavily on that gray, but I realized that my entire house is gray at the moment. Gray concrete kitchen countertops, gray concrete floors in the great room, gray carpets, stainless steel dining room tables, coffee tables, and railings… Concrete and steel everywhere. I’m a sucker for contemporary style. Our house is pretty much a sea of hard surfaces. Which is lovely and cool when it’s consistently over 90 degrees outside.  But when you have a 3-year old over for dinner like we did last night, not so great. I considered wrapping the kid in pillows and strapping one of Tay’s dirtbike helmets on the kid since he only seemed to know two speeds: Fast and Faster. (Tim Miller’s wife says he has two speeds too: Slower and Stop.) I think I’d be okay without any kids. I’d be a hell of a lot richer, and I’d have the chickens to keep me entertained. The kind that lay GREEN eggs. Then again, they can’t take out the trash, so I might have to reconsider my cranky wishes for an “empty nest.”

Godsmack is playing at the fair tonight (ick) and they’re very loud. All of their songs sound the same. I hate to close the doors and shut the windows because the night is so lovely and it seems a shame to shut it out and put on the A/C instead, but that might be my only chance at sleep and an early morning practice.

Paso Robles is pretty boring when your closest friend is 30 miles away and your husband is in Europe. Someone come visit me PLEASE! I have a very nice green yoga room for you to practice in!

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