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Jai Ganesha!

My mom bought Little A this little onesie when we were in Santa Barbara last weekend. I love it, and wish we had gotten one in every size.

And look how cute it is with the blanket that lovely Andrea sent me from Etsy seller Snug-a-Bug Blankets! (Thanks again, A!)

And while we’re on the subject of cute baby stuff with an eastern emphasis, I just found this adorable site, My Little Pakora. I love the Sher (lion) and the Hathi (elephant OF COURSE)!

You know, this whole baby thing opens up a whole new pandora’s box of obsessions…


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Sew Frustrated

almost finished...

almost finished...

I am literally nine inches away from finishing my quilt. Well, nine inches of machine stitching. Then about 19 feet of hand-slip-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt.

I bought my sewing machine on Craigslist a few months ago, figuring $35 was enough to spend on yet another hobby I was just starting. It works, although it’s a little janky. I nicknamed it “BoJangles” as it’s not the smoothest running machine. On my first night at quilting class, I began to sew and the instructor practically yelled from across the room, “Wait a minute! There is something wrong with your machine!” She came over, inspected the stitches and the mechanisms, and said, “Oh. Never mind. Guess you just have a noisy one.”

It clangs and bangs along, sounding more like an old locomotive than anything else. And every so often, it breaks a few sewing needles. I’ve broken 10 sewing needles this month. Sometimes the timing goes off for no apparent reason, and then once I adjust it, it works fine again for a while.

Nine inches away from completion, and BoJangles has had enough. Or I’ve had enough of him. Tay suggested taking it in for a tune-up. That will probably cost me more than I paid for the machine.

I have a few other projects I’d like to complete before the end of the month… so I guess my only option right now is to have it serviced since buying a new one is currently out of the question. But you can bet that this year, I’m asking Santa for a new sewing machine.

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Hours Of My Life…

I just found the most amazing little tool, thanks to The Paperpony.

And I know that hours of my life will be devoted to the creation of extraordinary outfits for every occasion. People!! It’s like playing dress-up or playing with paper dolls and shopping at the same time! It’s the most amazing thing ever!! (Okay. Slight exaggeration. As we all know, I get a little carried away sometimes…)

It’s polyvore.com and it’s fabulous.

Here is my Spring Saturday outfit:

Note the long blonde hair. 🙂

And here is my Yellow outfit.

I know, the chair is a bit random, but I have a weakness for mid-century modern design so I had to include it. I have no idea what I’d wear this outfit to, but I just love the dress. I’ve been a bit obsessed with black and white as of late.

So after you make your outfits, you can also follow the links and purchase the clothes or accessories. But I just like looking. I’ll try to leave the credit card in the purse!

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Needed: a bigger wine cellar.

There are about 100 bottles shelved. Of those, about 65 are Talley. The 12 cases on the floor (two more cases behind the door) are mostly samples, although a few of them are mine that don’t currently fit on my shelves. I need more shelves. Maybe I need a few floor to ceiling racks. Or a bigger wine cellar. Or maybe I should just have a big dinner party sometime soon. Oh. Right. I’m hosting 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner. That should significantly reduce the wine clutter. And perhaps (finally) our housewarming party in December.

I’ve been seeing this iPod shuffle meme here and there, and I thought it might be fun to partake. Only my iPod is in my car. So I’m going to try the iTunes shuffle instead.

  1. Blame it on the Tetons, Modest Mouse
  2. Low Budget Slow Motion Soundtrack Song For The Leaving Scene, Carissa’s Weird
  3. Prison Provence, Broken Social Scene
  4. Let’s Get Lost, Elliot Smith
  5. Tarana, Ustad Sultan Kahn & Thievery Corporation
  6. Neighborhood #4 (7 kettles), The Arcade Fire
  7. Jacqueline, Franz Ferdinand
  8. It’s a Fire, Portishead
  9. Old Soul Song, Bright Eyes
  10. Sucka N***a, Tribe Called Quest
  11. Ready For It, The Stills
  12. Haiku Ten (featuring Cat Power), Sigmatrophic and Cat Power
  13. Break It Loose, Onyx (woohoo! Bay Area Funk of the 1970’s!)
  14. Why You’d Want To Live Here, Death Cab For Cutie
  15. My Sol, Si*Se
  16. Wurlitzer, David Gray
  17. Desperate Guys, The Faint
  18. It Could Be Sweet, Portishead (one of my all-time faves)
  19. Sunshine, Keane
  20. Output, Blue States
  21. Dice, Finley Quaye
  22. The Rooster Moans, Iron & Wine
  23. Sealion (Chromeo Remix), Feist
  24. Cheated Hearts, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  25. Upstairs, Psapp

Okay, I couldn’t stop at ten, I was just having too much fun. Hmm… so this pretty much sums up my musical tastes pretty well. Lots of melancholy indie with some electronic influences… a little retro funk and R&B here and there… some folk and some alternative.

Anyone familiar with Cinematic Orchestra? If you’re not, check ’em out. Great downtempo grooves for many uses from yoga to dinner parties to just sitting on the couch and LISTENING. Their newest album has a song called To Build A Home, which brings tears to my eyes and chills to my skin almost every time I hear it. (you can take a listen on their myspace page, here) Actually, the whole album Ma Fleur, while quite a departure from their other work, is IMHO a masterpiece. Ideal rainy day: Cup of tea, cable knit throw, wool sweater, and this album. Oh, and maybe a book that’s NOT about wine.

A to Z:

I’m starting to fall in love with my new town. So I’m taking a page from one of my favorite design blogs, A Browner Brown, and I’m going to put together an alphabet of all the things that make it special.  Maybe I’ll even take pictures. I think this will help me get through NaBloPoMo, which is looming ahead like a dark cloud…

Some time in the future, I’d like to do this with the new house, but there’s still too many bare walls and old icky furniture to be replaced. It’s not ready for its big reveal quite yet.

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… but my feet hurt from all the fancy shoes. We ditched work halfway through the day in favor of shopping. I bought a few dresses and a skirt, so I guess next week I won’t have to complain about not having anything to wear… until the week after that comes along and I can’t wear the same thing two weeks in a row, people!

I’m also lonely and bored and it’s not even 5 p.m. so I’ve got a long evening ahead of me. As today is a moonday and the last day of my super big horsepill antibiotics and the second day of ladies holiday, I’m taking yet another day off of practice, so I can’t do any yoga… and it’s well over 100 degrees outside still, so I can’t go for a run yet. I had a late lunch so I’m not hungry for dinner yet. I don’t have cable tv still, so vegging out is not an option. My new blockbuster movies haven’t come in the mail yet, and the nearest store is all the way down in SLO town. Whine, bitch, moan, complain.

Oh woe is me.

I guess I’ll read my book and continue learning about the history of the Napa Valley and its vineyards.

Dinner for one tonight: I have very few items in my refrigerator. So I pulled up epicurious and looked up sweet potatoes and avocado. And this led me to this sweet potato and avocado sandwich. Hmmm… interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes. I don’t have any jack cheese, but I might try some of that yummy marinated feta I obsess over. I’ve stopped going through a tub a week of that stuff, mainly because they don’t have any for sale anywhere in Paso Robles, so I have to travel 30 miles to buy it. But back to the sandwich… I do love sweet potatoes, and anything with avocado is lovely in my book… so I have high hopes.

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It’s that time of the week again. Tuesday in all it’s glory. *sigh*

That’s okay though. Because I have my current favorite things to obsess about.  This week’s obsession: my home office. I’ve got to get that thing set up!  I start working from home in just a few short weeks. Now that it’s painted, I’ve been shopping around for desks and chairs and many other less necessary items like numbers. And letters. Lots of letters and numbers of all different shapes and sizes…. You see, I’ve fallen in love with this photo, and I want to recreate that in my little office alcove above my desk. Also, I need a new desk chair, and I’ll be damned if I have some ugly, clunky black bohemeth clogging up the room. NO! I want fashion, not function. Some of my favorite chairs:

The Nelson

The Nelson, $379 (ouch!). Drool. Isn’t he dreamy?

Ikea Chair

The Jules, $49. The most affordable choice, but not very ergonomic, I’m sure.


The Jakob, $139. Pretty, but again… possibly not very comfy.


The Egoa, $598. Cough. Keep dreaming, Jenna. Oh, but isn’t it beautiful? This one’s my dream chair.

Actually, if I really wanted to fantasize, like reach for the stars, I’d have to go with this one:


Eames Management chair, $1,168.

Which one is your favorite?

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Yesterday as I was working on building MORE cabinetry for the house (good god, we have a lot of cabinetry), I played a little more with the bakasana-to-handstand thing. I couldn’t seem to replicate my initial success, but I could pull my knees off my armpits and hover for a while before collapsing in exhaustion. Ladies Holiday is here, so the bandhas are very weak.

There’s an interesting discussion going on over on EZboard, and I’m trying like hell to keep my mouth shut now.  I had to throw in a few responses… I had been mislabeled as a 90 lb. teeny ashtangini, which I am not. Add about 40 pounds on to that number. Later on, someone pointed out that some bloggers claim to be fine with their size, and then write about their weight or about food and eating… This, they argue, is an example of disordered eating. I disagree with that latter part.

Guilty as charged, where the first part of their argument is concerned. I write about food… I love food… but it’s a love-hate relationship. Not because I’m afraid of calories or fat, but because of the whole IBS thing, which I still don’t buy. So basically western medicine can’t figure out what’s wrong with me after dozens of tests, and then they group me in to this catch-all and try to give me prescription drugs that don’t treat my exact symptoms… If you look to your right in my side-bar, I have a whole category labeled, “My Stomach Hurts” for all these complaints of mine.

I write about feeling fat sometimes, too. This is also directly related to my “health” issues: The bloat that I live with on a day to day basis for reasons that I can’t seem to pinpoint. But some of it comes back to the influence of the media, the same ol’ standby excuse. Really, can any woman claim that they’ve never looked in a mirror and asked their friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband, “Do these ____ make me look fat?” So I do not apologize for any comments I’ve made here. If I call myself a cow one day, it’s probably because I ate two croissants for breakfast and my lactose intolerance is making me feel like a blimp at that moment.

We all have bad days filled with self-doubt or misconceptions. Many of us keep it to ourselves, while some of us write it down and publish it on the internet for anyone out there to read.

Oh, and I don’t feel fat today. I got me some new shoes, and they make me feel very thin and glamorous. 🙂

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