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Checking in quickly here… I’ve been writing a bit elsewhere, but I miss this space and I realized how helpful it is to have the journal of my previous pregnancy experiences to look back on as I don’t remember much when I try to think back on my own.

So here we go again… 19 weeks along (I think… I can’t seem to keep track this time), due March 3rd. Definitely not the “princess pregnancy” as number one was… I sort of feel like I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into pregnancy, mostly out of fear and dread of last time’s complications.

I’ve ditched the Ashtanga for a while and I’ve become a regular at the level 2/3 vinyasa classes at a yoga studio in town. (GASP) I shudder when I think of how far I’ve strayed from my once-dedicated ashtangi roots… but I realized that one of the main reasons I fell from my yoga practice last time around was how much of the ashtanga practice you have to modify or give up as pregnancy changes the body. Primary series turns into one half-bend after another, and in my second series poses, well… there goes pasasana, shalabasana A and B, dhanurasana, bakasana b, ardha matsyendrasana, bharadvajrasana…  I was practically in a state of mourning last time around. And while there’s still several poses in the Vinyasa classes that I’m modifying or skipping completely, I don’t feel that huge sense of loss as I did with trying to continue with a daily ashtanga practice.  I’m happy where I’m at now, and I think that by keeping up with some form of a regular, physically demanding yoga practice through the next 5 months, it will be that much easier to come home to my ashtanga self-practice after March.

This time, I keep looking for the reasoning behind avoiding certain yoga poses instead of blindly adhering to the advice. Why give up handstand if you have an existing, controlled handstand practice? Why give up backbends and dropbacks if they still feel good?

On the “being pregnant” front, this whole high-risk thing sucks. I’m on weekly progesterone shots to keep the pre-term labor at bay. I was warned they “might make you a little grumpy” and HOLY HELL was I angry all day Tuesday after that shot. Could be partially placebo effect, but shit. Stay out of my way on Tuesdays from here on out until baby #2 comes in March. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll invest in some aromatherapy oils to get me through those mood swings without committing crimes of rage.




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There are moments in life that take your breath away. There are moments of incredible joy, those times when it feels as if you could transcend beyond such a mundane thing like an exhalation. As if you could stop time in this blissful moment by just holding in the breath.

For me, I have been fortunate to have so many positive breathtaking moments in this life. Most recently, they center around our little family. In the past five years I can include Tay’s proposal under a waterfall in Maui, the moment my mother and father walked me down the aisle in front of so many loved ones, the positive result of a pregnancy test, and the look on my husband’s face when I gave him the news. There’s the little moments of the pregnancy itself: hearing a second tiny heartbeat, feeling a kick, watching my belly jump with Baby A’s hiccups.

The breathtaking moments aren’t always happy ones. There are difficult ones as well, when it feels like you’ve been punched in the stomach. The chest collapses around the heart, and you struggle to find an inhalation. Two weeks ago I overheard a snippet of Tay’s phone conversation with his father. “Cancer?” Since that awful moment, there have been tests, a biopsy, and the tedious wait for answers. There are more tests to come, but for now we know that Tay’s dad has Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma.

The diagnosis is scary-sounding, but the doctors are optomistic and the outlook is good so far.

This week is a big one. More tests, more answers. We know there will be at least 6 months of Chemo. And we know that within that 6 months, there will be many more breathtaking moments, both difficult ones and ones of incredible joy.

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I died my hair yesterday, just a semi-permanent dark brown with a little red to it. One of my accounts yesterday said I look like That Girl.

What do you think? 🙂

It’s nice to have a little cosmetic change. I look a little more sleek and sassy when I basically feel like a big overheated whale. And I’m not even in my third trimester yet…

Okay, truth be told I’m not that huge yet. But I feel huge!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions lately, especially in the last few days. I don’t feel like my activity levels are too high, but maybe I do need to reduce the stress levels a bit throughout my day. I was laid off of one of my jobs last week, so I’ve been working extra hard on the other job, trying to ramp up the income a little to alleviate some of the financial pressure. Fortunately, the job I was let go of is the lesser paying of the two, so with a little more hard work, I might be able to make up the difference. Unfortunately, this was the one steady salary job, where the other job is completely commission based. And with the economic crisis going on? Commissions are way down.

So after the baby is born, I might be going back to teaching at a studio a few times a week. Or maybe I’ll up my client base for my private instruction. I had another couple approach me… I like teaching couples. Or maybe I’ll start selling quilts on etsy. Hahaha… with all the spare time I’ll have as a new mom, right?… We’ll see…

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Jai Ganesha!

My mom bought Little A this little onesie when we were in Santa Barbara last weekend. I love it, and wish we had gotten one in every size.

And look how cute it is with the blanket that lovely Andrea sent me from Etsy seller Snug-a-Bug Blankets! (Thanks again, A!)

And while we’re on the subject of cute baby stuff with an eastern emphasis, I just found this adorable site, My Little Pakora. I love the Sher (lion) and the Hathi (elephant OF COURSE)!

You know, this whole baby thing opens up a whole new pandora’s box of obsessions…

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sneaky peek

We had our ultrasound this morning! There are 10 fingers, 10 toes, two kidneys, a nose like mine (all babies have my nose), and everything looks totally healthy. The little one was moving all around, yawning, stretching, punching… very active. And yes, we found out the sex. 🙂 So excited and surprised!! If you haven’t already heard, and you want to know, just leave a comment and I’ll send you a quick email. 🙂

My mom and I are off for a girls’ weekend in Santa Barbara! Eating, shopping, manicures and pedicures, and of course, a little yoga as well. I haven’t been down to see my instructor since before May, so I’m really looking forward to it.

But before I go, here are a few pictures of the quilt. I finally finished it this afternoon. I suck at photography though, so it looks much better in person! It’s about 53″ x 62″.

And here it is in its current home, draped over the lovely molded plywood Cox Chair that I scored from the DWR warehouse sale:

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I complained about these weird feelings in my stomach yesterday. With all the IBS and lactose intolerance, I figured I ate something that didn’t agree with me, but couldn’t think of what it could be. When I brought it up to a friend, she said, “How far along are you?”

“15 weeks tomorrow.”

“Could be the baby moving.”

Oh, right! So the sensations continue through the evening, into the night, and even now. So maybe that is what I’m feeling.

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I tried on bikinis today and it was not a very fun experience. Then again, when is it ever?

So now I’m detoxing. No more drinking for a while. No more caffeine (I have become SO addicted). Less meat. More plant-based foods. More vitamins. More water.

Things might get a little cranky around here. Although, I’m sure it will be great for my yoga practice.

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